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The foundation for the engineering of Eisenach was laid in 1906, then under the name Maschinenfabrik Wall Meier. As the first machines were built for spring cleaning the bed, then still with manual operation. But the design and manufacturing were at such a high level that the machines found international acclaim and sales. After World War I were further developed the machines and the main factory building was erected.
Was started simultaneously with the development and the production of other types of machines. 

Thus arose in the following years:

  • Machinery for the production of upholstery material
  • Horsehair spinning machines
  • feather machine for processing
  • Bed spring sorting machines
  • Scales spring bed and quilt fillings

At that time, employs about 200 workers and employees.

By the World War II was discontinued the production machinery and manufactured armaments. After the collapse of the economy, the private company was dissolved and the business was transferred to public ownership. The first products were manufactured from now on were "Handhebelfräs und Feilenhaumaschinen", Three-roll machine, etc.

In 1954, the VEB Spezialmaschinenbau Eisenach the production of dry-cleaning machines for upper clothing. Besides the production of cleaning machines "Geflügerrupf" machines were built and fences.

At the same time the development of the so-called engine unit began. These machines were introduced in 1963 at the Leipzig trade fair with a loading weight of 25kg (SPEZIMA 25) and were first equipped with a program control. In 1964 followed a machine with 12 kg of load weight (SPEZIMA 12).

Due to the rapidly increasing demand for cleaning a dry cleaning machine with 6 kg load weight (SPEZIMA 6 M) was built in 1969 and used especially in fast cleaning.

The dry cleaning machines mass-produced were constantly being improved and received new program controls and upscale amenities.

The highest level of this development came in 1976, a 12 kg machine on the market under the name SPEZIMA 212 This dry cleaning machine was the first of this series that was produced as a closed system.

This development was at the Leipzig trade fair a gold medal because it was in their design and manufacture the world level. It was the first dry cleaning machine in the world that did without exhaust chimney because the air was derived pollutant-free with an integrated carbon filter.

The production line was constantly Widens and so were not prepared:

  • the activated carbon filter 60 A (activated carbon unit for 2 drycleaning machines)
  • from 1980, the dryer Föna
  • from 1982, the dryer T 16 and
  • from 1982 the dryer T6
  • the last type of dry cleaning machines SPEZIMA 312 was produced whose production was continued until 1991

In the course of trying to turn only a variant of the SPEZIMA 312 so convert that they met the requirements of 2.BImSchV. This machine was then also presented at the 1992 Tex Care in Frankfurt / Main.

Since the effort for the conversion was very high, it was decided in 1994, a revolutionary new machine to build. The machines came as SPEZIMA 420, 425 and 430 on the market and were sold at home and abroad.

Forced by the general decline in orders, 1999, the production of dry cleaning machine was set at its Eisenach. From then on different machines Italian manufacturers were driven out. From 2002 to work with Real Star SRL was sought which is constantly being expanded and strengthened.

As a major step into the future involved the SPEZIMA GmbH 2008 the new premises at the site Eisenach. Were now on 900m ² with a large workshop tester for textile cleaning and laundry machine, offices and social rooms and a storage area for used machines available. The positive trend continued in 2012 continued with the acquisition of the second hall in Eisenach. Now 1.800m ² were available.

Today the SPEZIMA GmbH is closely connected with your partners, Real Star SRL, SRL Sidi Mondial, and Primus. Through the long and well-functioning partnership, from single machines to complete solutions will fully exploit all the possibilities. Taking care of customers at home and abroad is assumed by our technicians. It can be used back on many years of experience in engineering, which also makes it possible to build special machines on demand.



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